Reah Game Free Download Full

Reah Game free download. Download the Reah full game without any hassle from our website. This game is a puzzle game.

Reah Game Free Download

Reah Game Overview

The game Reah coming from the developer LK Avalon and Detalion was published by Project Two on April 1, 1999. Reah is a puzzle game. The community gave this game a Mediocre rating as they scored 5.5 out of 2. IGN rated this game and gave it a Mediocre rating which is 5.0. The game is rated release date apr 1, 1999Everyone for.

Reah Game Free Download Full

Reah Game Summary. Reah: Face the Unknown is a first person perspective puzzle oriented adventure game for Windows 95/98. The player takes on the role of a reporter who is a little too curious for his own good, now trapped in another world — a place called Reah, formerly an inhospitable planet that was colonized with great difficulty in order to secretly investigate an alien artifact, a teleportation gateway. The gateway originally linked the planet Reah with its sister planet, which was radically different, inhabited by some very strange beings. A group of scientists had set up a small research colony on the other side, and you were offered the chance to visit it and break the great discovery to the world. But the gateway had become unstable, and as soon as you had crossed over, the gateway disappeared, leaving you in a desert, standing in front of the walls of a strange city. Now you must face the unknown if you hope to ever get back home..

Reah Free Download

Game Details

The following is the game details of Reah that you will be experiencing after downloading the game.

    • Rating 5.0
    • Developer LK Avalon and Detalion
    • Publisher Project Two
    • Language English / English Subtitles
    • Platform – PC

Reah IGN – IGN

Reah Game Details

Reah Game Download Information

    • Game title – Reah

Reah Free download full

Reah Game Free Download

Click on the download button to start the Reah game free download full. It’s the full and complete game. Just download and start the game. The game is listed on our software.


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