ThreadSpace Hyperbol Game Free Download Full

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Game free download. Download the ThreadSpace Hyperbol full game without any hassle from our website. This game is an action game.

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Game Free Download

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Game Overview

The game ThreadSpace Hyperbol coming from the developer Iocaine Studios was published by Iocaine Studios on July 12, 2007. ThreadSpace Hyperbol is an action game. The community gave this game a Good rating as they scored 7.5 out of 1. The game is rated msrp 19.95 usdEveryone 10 and older for mild fantasy violence.

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Game Free Download Full

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Game Summary. Taking place in the future, mankind has mastered a scavenged alien technology that allows them to travel great distances along flat highways in space called Hyperchannels.In a far off sector of the galaxy is a vast network of ancient Hyperchannels that bridge whole star systems.These systems contain valuable resources and puzzling mysteries regarding the race that built the Hyperchannel network.Large corporate conglomerates quickly moved into this sector and rapidly colonized the areas with key resources.Several decades later, the prospering corporations collapsed abruptly, leaving the sector in chaos.This is where the game begins.

Three Factions emerge from the chaos, each vying for dominance in the sector.The Drake Republic seeks to establish a democratic order and give control entirely to the citizens.The Intercorporation Military Force (IMF) maintains their original role from the corporation era as security enforcement, but in the wake of chaos, they seek to establish marshal law first.The last of the major factions are The Syndicate, largely composed of underground organizations that promoted piracy and controlled the sector’s black market.The Syndicate’s ultimate intentions are unclear and seem to only crave power and control.

The player takes on the role as a mercenary and chooses one of the factions to work for throughout the course of the faction war.

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Free Download

Game Details and Features

The following is the game details of ThreadSpace Hyperbol that you will be experiencing after downloading the game.

    • Developer Iocaine Studios
    • Publisher Iocaine Studios
    • Language English / English Subtitles
    • Platform – PC

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Features

  • *Pilot a mobile gunship capable of firing a wide array of projectiles.
    *Intense Multiplayer Combat: Team up with players of your own faction or enter a free-for-all arena to outwit and outgun your opponents.
    *Up to 16 Players: Battle in maps that support 8 vs 8 games or engage in arenas with 7 other opponents where there can be only one victor.
    *Create and customize your own character.Gain levels, acquire credits, purchase ships and upgrade them as you take on an active role in the Faction War.
    *Personalize your ship visually by selecting variants of wings, engines, and parts of the chassis.
    *Adjust the speed and direction of projectiles from your ship.Fire them out with some spin or deploy some of them in the field to emit a path altering gravity field.
    *Over 30 projectiles, each with their own functionality, are at the player’s disposal.

ThreadSpace Hyperbol IGN – IGN

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Game Details and Features

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Game Download Information

    • Game title – ThreadSpace Hyperbol

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Free download full

ThreadSpace Hyperbol Game Free Download

Click on the download button to start the ThreadSpace Hyperbol game free download full. It’s the full and complete game. Just download and start the game. The game is listed on our software.


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